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♥ to all


Sunday, December 23, 2012


This is our beautiful tree this year. It has been 3 yrs since I've had one up. Long story....:(   But's up with the help of Kia, Tif, and Chad. Ohh and our beloved Pit Bull, Sprint! I love how it looks all lit up at night. IT's time for new traditions and moving on. 


Chad,Kia,Tif and sprint

Sprint in front of the tree


Tree all lit up

sprint in fron of the tree


Chad's Barn

DH has been wanting a MINI pole barn for a while now. His wish came true early this month. He had a local Amish family build his dream. They work sooo hard sooo fast. I think it only took them 3 whole days to complete this big He is so happy!!!


First day

Maggie Purse

On the Cricut Message board we have a monthly swap around the Magnolia stamps. We were to create a purse for one particular month. I was partnered with Teri and she wanted a shabby chic theme. Here is my altered mini lunch box turned into a purse. I  love how it turned out...better than planned. I made the beaded spray. We had to also fill it with things  on the inside. I made a few goodies for that too.

Altered Tin


Handmade Spray

altered frame~~Shabby Chic style

Altere *T*

Altered Photo SPool


altered key

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Far too long

It's been tooo long since I've even been on my blog let alone post to it!!!! Life sure has been busy here in my world. My Mother has had her downs...been in the hospital. I've been sick and still trying to get rid of this nasty cold I found somewhere. Someone, anyone can have if they wish!!! LOL :)

I've been enjoying some craft time too. I have lots of new things to post on here. I so LOVE my free time to do things I enjoy. Can't beat that even with a stick!!!!

Will be back later to post photos...hope to hear from you on how crafty I've been


Friday, August 31, 2012

Autumn Dangles

On the CMB we had a swap for **FALL** dangles..(CHARMS). I had my own twist to what **FALL** is to me. I'm not into Halloween at wasn't do that! I didn't want just a leaf here is my take on **FALL**.  I used Tim Holtz swivel clasps, beads, charms from the Charm Barn, and ribbon. My theme would be considered FALL FAVS....pumpkins, apples, FOOTBALL, school starting,Family, friends  and pretty colors of Autumn changing colors. I think my dangle fits the bill!!! I hope you do as well.

Then we had to place our dangles on a handmade tag. I used my sizzix alterations die by Tim Holtz to make the tags from chipboard. Then I ran them thru my cuttlebug in the Woodgrain embossing folder to represent a tree. I then cut and embossed pumpkins in different colors and patterns. Add gingham ribbon...that speaks Fall to me...a Fall colored beaded stick pin with two tiny tags that say..**FALL** and **Friends** on them.   luv them!!!!

leave some love


Fall tag
Fall Dangle/Charm


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Letter **M**

In our Maggie swap...this month we had to alter a wooden/chipboard letter. My sis, Janice wanted the letter **M**. So that is what I did. She asked for it to be in greens/browns/earthtones. I think I did pretty good on that. WOn't know for sure until she has But it was a fun time creating this letter for her.

I used the picnic maggie as she is sitting. SO it looks like she is sitting on the ribbon here...but I so luv it. I made the spray of flowers behind her.~~~A NEWFOUND LOVE!!!!!

I'm just happy it's done and I'm proud of my creation.




Maggie Banner

In our monthly Magnolia Swap on the Cricut Message Board, the theme was to make a banner or use a banner in some way for our sister. I made a banner for Kathleen. It was done in purples....her fav color...not so much mine!!! It turned out so stinkin' cute...luv'd it. I used three different Maggies and colored them with my copics.

The banner said **CREATE** when finished.

♥ to all


Saturday, August 25, 2012


I had hosted a swap on the Cricut Message Board for handmade floral sprays like the ones you see from Prima....they are soo fun to create and EASY! I have totally enjoyed the concept of these and will be making more and using endless ideas on attachments. Here these are made with flowers and beads...but just think of the possibilities there are for them?!

I used green 26" floral wire and many different beads in the same color family. The flowers are cherry blossoms from  in a light to dark theme. I love my creation!

Hope you enjoy



Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trinket Box

I've altered this small box to be a **TRINKET BOX** for a swap . SHe wanted colors in the pink and brown combo and that is right up my alley! lol....happens to be my it was easy to do for her. Inside I made an altered rolodex card....and put some things she desired inside. I am soo happy with the way it turned out.


Completed box

Close-up of embellishments

Sunday, July 22, 2012

**Grunge** Rolodex Card

HERE is my take on **Grunge**! I made this for a swap in a group I'm in. I used my cuttlebug to alot of the embossing of the card. I cut them with the Sizzix Address Label die I purchased from SU.  I then used my music notes stamp in Chestnut Roan and ran it thru the cuttlebug using the brick wall folder by Tim Holtz. I glimmer misted my seam binding with sherbert and pinecone to give it an aged look. Cut the hearts from a MFT die.  Inked them and scrunched the scalloped heart. Popped it up with pop dots and then used the mini MFT doily die cut in half. I used the ticket die and stamps from Whimsy and poped it up with thin pop dots. I love how it turned out.


Starting off...

Process of making...

FInished card

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Freedom Card

This is a card I made from a kit I had rec'vd from a swap. Sandi did an awesome job on the kit too. The card will follow... enjoy.



New Furbaby

This is Willow. She is the newest furbaby to our home. She was a stray and we took her in. She is about a year old or so. Gentle giant is what she She is the sweetest dog. Gotta luv her.


Sprays of flowers and beads

Hello to all~~~~

Great morning thus far...but the heat will soon be upon us again today....NEAR 103*.....ughhh. Thank goodness for the lake. We are spending time with the family boating, grilling and then watching the fireworks at dusk. Hope to light up the sky with wonderfully colored flashes!  It should be a wonderful day for us all.

I have created a Floral/bead spray for a swap I was in. It was fun to do and enjoyed making them. The color combos and materials are endless. I am sure these will become a favorite.

Leave some love~


Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello to all....

IT's been a busy week for me...not a happy one to start with either. My Uncle, Dad's brother passed away and have spent time with his kids. RIP Uncle will be missed.

Friday was my mom's 66th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER!!!! IT was a wonderful time. My two sisters..Missi and Lori and I took her to a Chinese restaurant and had a party with her...just the girls. Loved it was LOOOOOONG over due. We laughed until we was a wonderful day!! One I will always remember. Thanks Lori and Missi for the laughs and making Mom's birthday special.

♥ R~

PS...will post photos later  :)
Mom....happy 66th...Luv you!

Baby Sis~Lori...Mother...and Myself at China Buffet

Oldest sis~Missi and Mother

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello to all you peeps....

Mother's Day has passed yet again. It wasn't the best day for saddened me honestly. DD had to work and I didn't get to see her.  DH took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and shopping at Kay's for princess cut diamond solitare earrings...woo hoo...LUV THEM!!!! He is truely a wonderful guy and has come to spoil me quiet often lately. Not complaining one bit.

DD  and Tif did come out yesterday and brought dinner, and a Mother's Day gift....a pink potted Gerber Daisy pretty...a photo of me and DH ...great pic...and a stone plaque for  MY BELOVED KAHLUA that has passed....they are soooo thought ....beautiful items~ each with a special place and meaning in my life. PERFECT Mom's Day after all.

Hope each Mom out there had a day to remember.

♥ R

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maggie Criss Cross Card

Hello to all...
I'm sorry to have been missing but I've been doing 10 hr days at work and some weekends. THere is just not enough time for ME. I have been in a  Maggie swap on the Cricut MB and wanted to post my card. The lady that I was to send to asked for ***SURPRISES*** so that is just what I did. I used beautiful TEALS on  Sweet Tilda and loved how it turned out. THe Criss Cross card was much easier to make than it actually looks. You can find the info on how to make it here......

It was fun to create...I myself gave it a twist...I placed the opening to the side, not on top. Give it a try and see what you can do to make it your own.

♥♥ Rhonda


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday ....has come and gone

Hello to all...

It's been a while since I've posted. has had be extremely busy with all the overtime we are doing. I had went to my hand doctor...and he has sent me to Occupational Therapy for my hand since it's not improving. I've been twice now and I really like the therapist, Joyce. I go this week on Tuesday and Friday at 2 PM.

My birthday was WONDERFUL!!!! DD and her roommate, Tiffany went with me to my Hand DR appt. Then we went shopping and to eat at Noblesville's Olive Garden...Yummmmm. They gave me tanning sessions and a NEW Paula Deen Deep Dish fryer with lid...woo collection is growing.  DH had took me to Lil'Mexico for dinner and bought me the new 4S Iphone...telling you it was love at first sight!!!! I really enjoy this new phone. THank you to DH and my made my  day!!! Love ya all.

♥ R

P,S,~~~DH also bought the pink case and car charger for my new phone too...♥!♥♥♥♥

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maggie Tag

I made this tag for the CMB Maggie swap.  I so love how it turned out. I just hope Amy likes it as much as I do. The maggie I used is journal writing Tilda...I think....Used my copics and still need lots of practice with them.

Thanks for looking..

♥ R~~

Feather..rose..& heart on my tag

Part of the maggie and bling

Finished tag

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paper Bag Card

As a Monthly Challenge in our Maggie Swaps on the Cricut Board..We were to make a paper bag's soo easy and cute. I love how mine turned out. As my partner wanted it in soft pastel colors. I do not work with these colors often so it was a great chance to do something different. I so enjoyed coloring the Tildas with my copics....much more practice is needed...but love how they turned out.

                            cover of the card
                       left-hand of the opened card
          Right-hand side of opened card
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