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Sunday, March 31, 2013

My New Kitchen floors kitchen floors are down!!! YAHHHhh...been a long waiting process, but happy to see them done.  Chad and his dad, finished them earlier this month and they are wonderful. Love them... THANKS Chad and Jeff!



What a birthday!!!!

My birthday was the 22nd and it was nice. DH had bought me a GORGEOUS heart-linked bracelet with diamonds!!!! Also a yummy Strawberry Sundae cake and a rose. My DD and her roommate bought dinner at the Olive Garden ...YUmmmmmmmmmm...and we all went and got tattoos. DD and I both got a Dove for the meaning of Mother, new beginnings, and LIFE. It was painful, but sooo worth it. Photo below. I also rec'vd a $25 gift card from Jeff and CHarlotte, my in-laws. My Sister gave me a New Vera Bradley wallet in pink...a jar candle, and perfume. I bought myself a new mountain bike, pink and white. I can't wait to ride it. Over all, a great day. Thank you to all of those that remembered my day.



Diamonds and Pearls

On the MAS group board....the stick pins swaps was themed **Diamond & Pearls**. Perfect for girls! I made the boxes to place my set of 3 pins into. Used pretty girlie papers with bling.The pins had to be pearls and I used lots of clear beads to resemble diamonds..and pearls in white and pinks. I really enjoyed these. I made to sets.



Large Tickets

This month's Ticket swap was for the largest ticket of Tim Holtz ticket die. I really enjoyed the larger size too. The theme was birthday and this is what I did. Cut circles at different sizes for balloons and used wire for the string tied with a ribbon. Used 2 small tickets to stamp Happy Birthday on one and then the other was music (for the song) and the word **Wish** on it. I am pleased with how they turned out.



Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bingo anyone?

Well, not I had hosted a swap on the CMB using Bingo cards. It was different, but fun at the same time. I enjoyed the creations I made and rec'vd.  Here at the two I had to a partner, JrCreate and the other to a sweet lady that was FLAKED on, she too had to enjoy a pretty card.

I hope you enjoy what I did.


THis is JrCreate's Bingo Card. She wanted pinks
 and Blacks and one to hang on the wall.
THis is KauiMelody's Bingo Card. She wanted
Eclectic..and this is what I came up with.
I soooo LOVED this card..wanted to keep it!
Enjoy ladies...It was a pleasure creating for
you both

Long road, but getting close

I've been off work since January 17th and it's been a rough long road to recovery. Was misdiagnosed the first time at the Company I wanted a second opinion and with that was sent to the SPINE GROUP in Carmel, Indiana. I had an MRI done and have to protruding discs in my back...L3 and L4. NOT what I wanted to hear, but with therapy hopefully all will be good.

Have been doing the therapy 3x per week in Lafayette, Indiana and has been a HUGE success to my road to recovery. My therapist is amazing. Lots of strengthing exercises and moist heat goes along way.  Thank you Teela!  I go back to see my specialist in Carmel on the 8th and hopefully with good news. I may return back to work and soon.


Large Altered Keys

I used the Micheal's $1 keys in this swap. They are around 4-4 1/2" long. They are several styles and colors to choose from. I love how these turned out. Even though PINK is my FAV color...the RUST is hard to pass by.....


Blue....with Birds



Shabby Chic Mini Album

I love how my mini turned out on the MAS group. I chose papers from the French Country DCWV line...very soft and muted greens/creams/pinks/blues.  IT was the perfect fit to the theme.

Front cover of Mini
1st page of mini
 2nd & 3rd  
4th & 5th
6th & 7th
8th & 9th
10th & 11th
Last page
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