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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Long road, but getting close

I've been off work since January 17th and it's been a rough long road to recovery. Was misdiagnosed the first time at the Company I wanted a second opinion and with that was sent to the SPINE GROUP in Carmel, Indiana. I had an MRI done and have to protruding discs in my back...L3 and L4. NOT what I wanted to hear, but with therapy hopefully all will be good.

Have been doing the therapy 3x per week in Lafayette, Indiana and has been a HUGE success to my road to recovery. My therapist is amazing. Lots of strengthing exercises and moist heat goes along way.  Thank you Teela!  I go back to see my specialist in Carmel on the 8th and hopefully with good news. I may return back to work and soon.


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