Hello to all that visit. I have a guest book at the bottom of my blog...I'd LOVE to have each person sign it....please....and add a photo so I can see the smile that has visited my blog. I greatly appreciate this . THANK YOU...and visit again.


♥ to all


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another day home

Hello ...

I missed work yesterday due to a migraine. I NEVER miss work!!! So this tells you how bad I hurt! Then I made an appt for the DR...he did some tests...drew blood..and the scheduled me for a CT scan for today. I'm a lil' scared..but I will do fine. I have God on my side.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Saturday

It's been a while since I've posted...a few things has happened. DD has finished this year of classes for college and did wel..YAHHH! DH has started his racing season. LOTS of luck to him...GO Chadwick! Mother's Day has come and gone...and now we are in the middle of May. WHere oh where has the time gone?

Here is my beautiful gift from my DD, Kia. I cried when I rec'vd it. THen she also wrote me the most beautiful letter...and told me i was the **KEY** to her life....I cried some more. IT is the Open Heart collection by Jane Seymour. I've wanted the heart ...but to have the KEY and the meaning behind PRICELESS! She is the best daughter in the world. Love ya sis.

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