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Saturday, September 6, 2014

View from above...

Well....June 18th of 2014 I went and did something UNTHINKABLE for
me....I went skydiving. That's right...I jumped from a plane and parachuted
to the ground safely. IT was the most intense thing I've done and plan to
do it again.  The view from above is breath-taking and the rush is overwhelming!!!
My girls (Kia and Tiffany) went as well, while Chad stayed on the ground to witness
the whole event. I was scared and scared of heights, but this experience has taken
the edge off of that fear and now look to new things to do on my bucketlist.



Long time gone

Been away for far too long on this blog. Time to get back into the swing/habit of posting my views and interests here. So much has much to get posted....

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Altered Puzzle Pcs

In a group of mine...we were to purchase a child's chunky puzzle to alter! Sent pcs to those in the group and they altered them to whatever they desired and shipped them back. It was an unique opportunity to see the creative side of my sisters in this swap. What a challenge it was too. I sooo enjoyed it. Here aer some photos of some of the pcs I had altered. Love how they turned out...and pray they feel the same way.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Dance

I'm so excited to be able to post photos to my blog after such a VERY long time of not being able to. I was sooo upset. Not sure what had changed, but thankful it is now allowing me to post my thoughts and creations.


Cards I've made

Some Handmade cards I've created...I soo love making them too!!
each is such a different technique or color or theme. I'm happy
to just create regardless of what is asked f me....The winter card
was for a group swap...The tilde on bike is for a BFF for her birthday
and the Victorian was for a Secret Sister.


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