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Saturday, September 6, 2014

View from above...

Well....June 18th of 2014 I went and did something UNTHINKABLE for
me....I went skydiving. That's right...I jumped from a plane and parachuted
to the ground safely. IT was the most intense thing I've done and plan to
do it again.  The view from above is breath-taking and the rush is overwhelming!!!
My girls (Kia and Tiffany) went as well, while Chad stayed on the ground to witness
the whole event. I was scared and scared of heights, but this experience has taken
the edge off of that fear and now look to new things to do on my bucketlist.



Long time gone

Been away for far too long on this blog. Time to get back into the swing/habit of posting my views and interests here. So much has much to get posted....
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