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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Anniversary

I was soo surprised that DH had remember our anniversary on the 2nd of October. He had the most beautiful it wasn't for me. We also had a nice dinner. IT was a wonderful evening. I truely enjoyed it. It marked our 4th year of marriage.

MIA for tooo long

I've been soo busy with work and not had time to post to my suppose-to-be-daily blog...funny how time slips away. I had taken my safety training test for being a fork truck operator and got the license to drive one...yahhhh. I only missed one question. I was soo excited.
Still need to post photos of the family and of my DD, Kia. Also of the paint can for a swap and the cards for winter. Be patient...I'll get them done.
more later..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sooo busy...

Good Monring..
I have been away for tooo long. The OT hours at my job are getting heavier...and there seems to be no time for my passion of cardmaking and scrapping. I hope to do some of it today. I have to make a few cards...will try to post them later...and a FALL themed can for a swap. That too...I will try to post.
DD, Kia had her senior photos done yesterday. My...where did the time go. It seems just like yesterday she was still my lil' gir. NOW...she is a very strong-willed and determined goal set individual. I'll post photos of those as well. Thursday, we went and took a college day with her at the Art Institue of Indianapolis. That is where she is planning to attend. We did the application and took a tour and she is sooo excited. We will know more in about a month.
Yesterday, was my oldest son Aaron's birthday. He was I really am starting to feel old...LOL. It just doesn't seem possible for my babies to be all grown up and moving on with their OWN lives. What is a mother to do? My theory is to just let them spread their wings and fly...they ALWAYS come back...
Post more later...have a blessed day

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Blog

Hello to all..
I had made a blog yesterday...but something happened and I couldn't post to it..not sure what I did wrong...I'm sure it didnt' take much as I am computer Sooo, I had to make another one today...bare with me ...I'm new to all this blogging thing. I do hope you enjoy..I have added photos and such today. Come back and see how I've been doing...leave a comment..they are always welcomed. Have a wonderful day.
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