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Sunday, March 6, 2011

FIRST blog award

THANK  YOU Maureen....I will accept my award with honor and graciousness.. with pride and dignity...with a huge smile on my face. YOU have made my day. THis is my VERY FIRST blog award...and I"m honored soo deeply.

Why am I feelin’ “stylish” ?---- well, because I’ve been given my First Stylish award. That’s why. :-)
Thank you soooo much, Linda. You can find Linda at:- So many awesome creations at her corner of the world. I love your Valentines Card!!! Really cute!

Along w/ accepting this award, come some rules:-

* Thank the person who gave it to you.
* Share 8 things about yourself.
* Pass the award on to 8 individuals you’ve recently discoverd.
* Make a post so they may pass along the recognition.

Here are my 8 things:-

1.  I live life to it's fullest each day and love what I do
2.   I am all about family and they are my FIRST priority
3.   I am a paper crafter by night...welder/assembler by day
4.   I am a CHOCOLHOLIC..especially white chocolate!!
5.   I love my toys...Pink E..Pink Cuttlebug..and gypsy..even if I can't figure it
6.   I'm a mammaw to 3 lil' guys and LOVE being one
7.   My favorite color is if you couldn't tell...:)
8.   I am a true GIRLIE GIRL!!!!!

Now to pass this award on to 8 bloggers, whom I have recently discovered


Charmed, I'm sure

Here are some charms I've made. Not to shabby if I say so There were for a swap on the CMB with Crystal.

Recipe~~Tim Holtz fragment charms and jump rings. I used Ledger paper from HL in different colors glued it with Glossy Accent since it dries clear. Once dry...cut it out w/a craft
knife and sanded the edges. I then used a small flourish stamp with staz-on black in. Added teeny-tiny pearls for accents. I think it give that 3-D affect. Love how they turned out. 


Dry Erase board

I altered this modern photo frame as a dry erase board for a swap on the CMB. It was for my sister Tiffany. I love how it turned out. It's just a glass frame and use a regular dry erase pen on it to write. Wipes clean with a paper towel.

Recipe----White cardstock w/inked edges in SU Red Riding Hood. I cut the From the Heart on my Pink E from the cart "Country Life" and the Heart motif came from it as well. 

♥♥ R~


Hello to all~~~~
I've been very creative lately...and I've loved how things are ending up. I hope you all enjoy it as much as i do. Leave some love and let me know what you think. I enjoy reading the input.
Here are some of my works of

This is a mini Vintage Comp book I altered for a CMB friend, Jen. I hope she enjoys it.
RECIPE~~Mini comp book used a vintage patterned paper for the base. Then I used a ledger paper..distressed with Timmy inks in vintage photo..brushed corduroy and tattered rose. Used a Crafty Secrets vintage photo and distressed it in the same way. Hand crocheted the flower glimmer misted it in a  Vintage pink and Pinecone to give it more of a old vibe. I added the two buttons to coordinate with the colors. I alter'd the stick pin in black beads to once again add that look of old.  I also used a pretty crocheted lace ribbon ...glimmer mist'd in the same colors .

 This book is for another swap from the CMB . Skrappindiva this is for you. I know you like the vintage here you go...I hope you enjoy it. 

Recipe~~~Paper is a brownish gold tone with a liter cream. Used a ledger paper distressed with Timmy inks...tattered rose..vintage photo, and brush corduroy. it really adds the old-time feel to it! Did the same to the is actually cut from a 12x12 sheet of paper. BUT-I loved the look and cut it down..tore the corner and distressed it. GLimmer'd the white silk flower to age it and then the smaller flower was a RAK (from Sheri---thank you) I also glimmer'd it added pop dots and then
made the pin.  The last touch was the pearl flourishes...LOVE IT!!!

♥ R~

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