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Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello to all....

IT's been a busy week for me...not a happy one to start with either. My Uncle, Dad's brother passed away and have spent time with his kids. RIP Uncle will be missed.

Friday was my mom's 66th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER!!!! IT was a wonderful time. My two sisters..Missi and Lori and I took her to a Chinese restaurant and had a party with her...just the girls. Loved it was LOOOOOONG over due. We laughed until we was a wonderful day!! One I will always remember. Thanks Lori and Missi for the laughs and making Mom's birthday special.

♥ R~

PS...will post photos later  :)
Mom....happy 66th...Luv you!

Baby Sis~Lori...Mother...and Myself at China Buffet

Oldest sis~Missi and Mother

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