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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Award #2

OMG...Thank you Sheri...I am soo honored! I appreciate the blog award. It really made my day...

We all know the rules---pass it on and post 8 things---so here goes:

I'm going to pass this blog award on to: (I know I don't have eight but I've been so busy I haven't stumbled upon 8 NEW ones lately)

8 things about me:
1~~I LOVE my family
2~~I am a welder by day...crafter by nite
3~~I'm a CHOCOHOLIC!!!
4~~I love to do paper crafting of all sorts
5~~I'm a Mammaw..and love it!
6~~My fav color is PINK!!!
7~~I'm a TOTAL girlie girl
8~~I love to join swaps on my craft sites!! to pass this on to 8 of my fav blogs and friends...
♥ Kathy Jo:
♥Liz: there are 9...but that is OK...with me!!!
ENJOY the awards ladies...YOU all have such wonderful blogs and I enjoy visiting them on a regular basis.
♥ N' Hugs to each of you

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