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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday gifts from Friends

Hello to all

I wanted to share some of my wonderful goodies I've rec'vd from CMB sisters in the Birthday CLub. I've truely enjoyed all of them thus far. I know that there are three that I've not rec'vd and once I do..I'll add those photos as well. THEN the box they all pitched in to send.
Missy sent this gorgeous altered notebook. I LOVE it...the dangle is adorable as well. She did an amazing job on it. Will be of great use too.Thanks Miss.
Sue sent me a cute lil' HM coin purse. I'm going to sue it for work. Has several areas for a time card, money and whatever I may need. THANK will be used alot.
Sandy sent me the cutest lil' photo frame in PINKS..of  coarse! I'm going to add my babies photos to it and place it in my scraproom. Thanks sweetie.
J-bear had sent me the most beutiful altered art work framed. It was my name. It was damanged in shipping..but I can fix it and it will be just as nice as before ...I hope..and proudly displayed in my room. LOVE it..thanks Jamie.
I have truely enjoy each item I have rec'vd. THANK YOU soo much birthday club for making my day special
♥ N' hugs

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