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Saturday, October 30, 2010


TOday is a cold and windy day here in Indiana. Not sure where Autumn went...but it didn't stay long. It sure feels like WINTER...brrrr!!!! I'm NOT ready for Winter...but am I ever???????? NOPE!!! :) DH and FIL are finishing the fence today. Looks great! Finally a place for my furbabies to run...they will love that! Especially Sprint, our Pit...since he is always on his leash. Poor baby!

I've been crafting...finishing up some loose ends on a few swaps. Only a few things to go...on one of them. We won't talk of the

I hope everyone is enjoying the Halloween weekend. I hope the weather isn't FREEZING for those lil' ones that are going  out. I do not have lil' ones any longer or do we get any treaters in the country.  Stay warm and enjoy!


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