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Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Loving Memory

THis is for my wonderful and precious furbaby that is no longer with us  physically...but spiritually and emotionally she is. Kahlua you have been the best baby anyone could have had. Such a happy and loving dog. Always there to greet me at the door...loved to run and play...ohh and such a ham in front of the camera. YOU are greatly and deeply missed! No other can replace heart will carry a missing piece forever more. Rest baby have deserved it. The passion and committment you have shown as a loyal companion will never go unmissed. Enjoy the time with family that is there with you and I'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge....With all my love, tears, and kisses...

Kahlua relaxing

Kahlua and her baby!

♥   Me and my baby, and missed DEARLY!    ♥

♥ Kahlua and Daddy ♥


moknowsall said...

hey - sorry to hear about your pet. my daughter/soninlaw have a boxer. he just wants to lick my newborn granddaughter to death. enjoyed your blog.


scrappinw/lupus said...

I am sorry bff-----my heart aches for you. I know our two furrbabies are running around playing with each other-until we can see them again!
luv u girl!

Heart2hand said...

Thank you wonderful ladies...It means alot to me...she was the best pup ever!!


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