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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My cup runth over

So I've been creating even more. I soo LOVE being off!!! I have made a pincushion. It's created from a cup and saucer I bought at a thrift store. It's china...and gorgeous. You just never know what goodies are just waiting to be found at a thrift shop!!!! I did this one for a friend on the CMB...Tiffany...her room is in the colors red/black/white. SO I hunted until I found a black/white cup and saucer. I DID!!!!! The doily on the top is an antique..from another thrift store...and I glimmer mist'd it with Brick. It's a pretty deep dark muted red. The large  handmade flower was from a friend..THANK YOU Skrappindiva! I glimmer'd some with mists and added them to the saucer. I used a wide crocheted ribbon and made it into a bow...added it with the flowers. The butterfly is lace..I actually sewed it on the stick pin to make it look like it's flying. Added buttons in the colors of her room and a string of pearls for the girlie feel. Topped it off with some handmade stick pins and it's ready to send to North Carolina. ENJOY Miss Tif.  I am sooo PROUD of this's the first one I've altered/created and will be proud to send it to her.

♥ N' Hugs


Linda W. said...

Oh my goodness Rhonda, do I ever love this! I too love to tour the local thrift shops from time to time. I had not even thought about doing this YET! Now I will! Beautiful work - so vintage!

Heart2hand said...

Thanks Miss Linda...I'm happy you like it. It was soo fun to create and such a USEFUL item as well.

I'd love to see what you come up with.


Barb Parker said...

Miss RHonda - You have created a WORK of ART ! This is gorgeous...I cannot wait to see what you come up with in the Patriotic Pin Cushion swap. And don't worry I will send you a Lady Liberty pin :>) making extras....

Charlotte said...

I love this idea. So cute. Great job.

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