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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine's Comp Book

Good morning to all~~~~

I altered a comp book for a  SS Valentine's Day Comp book swap on the CMB. I really LOVE how it just came together without pondering much on it!!! LOL :)  The one that it is for even commented on it to me...It's beautiful, Rhonda!!!! If only she knew...well..she will soon enough.

RECIPE~~Comp designer paper by Hot Off the PRess..White
/red cardstock..I used both of these thru my CB. White one has a Valentine inpired theme and the red has the same but is *Queen of Hearts* on it...sooo very appropriate for this theme!!! I then ink'd them with black soot distressed ink to give them a muted vibe like the DP. I used a wide sheer ribbon in white and  thin in red tied around both these embossed cardstock papers. I used a stick pin I altered in the knot. Added flowers around them...the white one had black ink'd edges...the small red one is a felt flower to give a variety of interest. The heart in the upper left-hand corner is a left-over embellishment...which I painted with MM red wagon paint (2 coats) and then ink'd with BS ink to age it too. Then added the Prima gems in the angle of the heart. I also added the gems on the end of the flowers. I LOVE how it turned out...soo proud! Leave some love!!!!



RitaLynne said...

Love this Rhonda! Great Work!!

Tamara Rutledge said...

Gorgeous! You're my Creative muse xoxoxox Love you Rhonda

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