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Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Mail

Within the last week...I've rec'vd some wonderful things in the mail. It has made my mailbox very happy. I rec'vd 4 new carts for my cricut....B is for Boy...Handy Man...these two I traded for...I gained these and lost two jukeboxes I no longer used. Great trade or what? :)
Then I purchase/WON on ebay...Spring Holiday Card mini cart and April Showers mini cart...they are soo cute.  Then my BFF from New York sent me an early birthday present....a light PINK OTT lite for my scraproom.....GOTTA LOVE THAT!!! THANKS ya girl!  Then my GYPSY arrived...OMG...what a toy! So it was a week of wonderful finds in my mailbox... I hope you all have  a Happy Mailbox too...



Anonymous said...

I want to be your mailbox lol thanks for the laughs this weekend YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Wahooo! Sounds like you will be having fun this week! My hubby bought me that pink OTT light for Christmas! I love it!

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