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Sunday, March 31, 2013

What a birthday!!!!

My birthday was the 22nd and it was nice. DH had bought me a GORGEOUS heart-linked bracelet with diamonds!!!! Also a yummy Strawberry Sundae cake and a rose. My DD and her roommate bought dinner at the Olive Garden ...YUmmmmmmmmmm...and we all went and got tattoos. DD and I both got a Dove for the meaning of Mother, new beginnings, and LIFE. It was painful, but sooo worth it. Photo below. I also rec'vd a $25 gift card from Jeff and CHarlotte, my in-laws. My Sister gave me a New Vera Bradley wallet in pink...a jar candle, and perfume. I bought myself a new mountain bike, pink and white. I can't wait to ride it. Over all, a great day. Thank you to all of those that remembered my day.



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missstamper said...

Happy Belated Birthday Rhonda! Wishing you a year full of many blessings.

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