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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Match Box

I love how this turned out. I took a match box purchased with matches from Dollar General. I emptied it out...and then started  to give the box a NEW look. My sis for the swap wanted Deep greens and reds for the theme. Here is my take on her idea. I used Papers from Tim HOltz Seasonal stack....and gave it the VINTAGE vibe. I used a plaid green/cream/red gingham ribbon along with a wider cream crocheted ribbon from my stash. Used cream prima flowers and inked them just a hint to give them color...I then added clear snowflakes and flourishes to give the Wintery affect it needed. ENJOY Cherie!!!

We had to make a dangel...2 flowers and 3 pins to place inside the box. My flowers are of her fav colors.

♥ R~

Plain matchbox that was used

TH paper I on the FLIP side...

Very Vintage CHristmas, eh?

Pins & Dangle I made for the inside

LOVE making these cute and fluffy...

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