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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Sunday

Hello to all....

Today I am tuckered. I rolled our almost 3 acres of yard yesterday all by myself and it killed my tushi!!! My back is soo sore. So I did some crafts today. I'm sooo excited. I made a Paint can...altered a photo frame to look shabby chic and a few cards. I will post photos later. So watch for those and leave your thoughts on them, please.

It's a gorgeous day...perfect day here! I am soo thankful for that. DD and her friend went to Turkey Run State Park hiking and wanted me to go. I wanted to soo bad...but didnt' feel like my back was up to it after being beat on that Next time!  I sure hope they had fun. They took my neice Carlie with them...I'm sure she enjoyed it.


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