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Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Scraproom in progress

Hello to all. DH had made a dream of mine come true. He has given me a great new scrap room. YAHHH.....I"ve painted the cabinets and the walls. Then DH and FIL put the cabinets up. THEY are soo pretty. I'm ready for everything to be back in it's place.  I still have one more to put on the computer then put's the finished one. I'm sooo loving my space...Can't wait to have all my goodies back in here and start to play.


Anonymous said...

ok i wanna come play but NOT on that gym equitment lol it looks great! cant wait to see it when its all done

MadGrammy said...

I'm so jealous Rhonda !! Congrats on the new scrap room :)

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