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Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is a Christmas tree I had made out of a transparency sheet and vellum glued to it. Then took several snowflakes, cut from my Cricut in a few sizes and glued them to the vellum. Added colored buttons in shades of blues, half-backed pearls in silver and navy...and added a silver star on top. The star is actually 3 stars...glued at the points to make a triangle to place on the top. Then I cut 2 circles for the skirt....LOVE how it turned's for a I'm hoping my partner will love it. I had seen it on another blog and loved how she did hers...mine is not as pretty...but I love it anyways.


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raggedyanna6 said...

oh my that is BEAUTIFUL!!! i can see it sitting on my table lol lol great work!!!!

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